Michigan Association of Fire Fighters

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed several bipartisan bills including legislation to protect public safety and municipal retirees, improve mental health standards, increase polling locations, and explore further clean energy production. 

“These bipartisan bills deliver on a range of kitchen-table issues and are proof of what’s possible when we work across the aisle to put Michiganders first,” Whitmer said. “Together, we are increasing the number of corrections officers, immediately establishing stronger standards for mental health transport for involuntary hospitalizations, increasing the number of polling places available to voters, and conducting a study to determine the feasibility of nuclear energy in Michigan. Let’s keep getting it done and move Michigan forward.”

Bills signed into law which impact public safety and municipal employees include: 

  • HB 5765: Allows retired corrections officers to work as needed under certain circumstances without losing retirement allowance.
  • HB 4414: Relieves the burden on counties and sheriffs by immediately allowing them to contract with a private entity to transport a person taken into protective custody by an officer to get a mental health screening or treatment.
  • SB 1041: Updates the administrative procedures act to ensure it does not conflict with the municipal employees retirement act.
  • SB 1042: Provides retirees the option for a hearing to address a grievance in Municipal Employees Retirement System.

Please click here for more details on the recent legislation signed into law.