Michigan Association of Fire Fighters

When it comes to choosing Union representation, fire fighters and EMS workers can regain control of their work environment through Michigan Association of Fire Fighters (MAFF).

MAFF provides its members with the service and support they need to focus on their jobs.

Union represented employees should never experience fear of retaliation from their own Union. Verbal and written threats from an organization hired to represent you is simply unacceptable. And Union leaders should not sign contracts without a vote of the membership.

MAFF promises to provide members with the following rights:
• Members will vote on their local stewards and board members.
• Each unit automatically selects a representative to sit on the MAFF Executive Board.
• Only members will be allowed to vote on and ratify their contract.
• Members will not be threatened by Union attorneys with a lawsuit for speaking out at Union meetings.
• They will have bylaws developed by and voted on by the membership.

MAFF also guarantees it will provide members with:
• Attorneys 24/7 at no additional cost, to assist members with Garrity statements.
• Grievance and negotiations training for local stewards.
• Experts who will inform members of their legal rights under FLMA and FLSA.