C-Kit- Rail Tank Cars - Toxic Gas

As a result of a first responders' petition, The Chlorine Institute is now conducting a study comparing The Chlorine Institute "C" Kit to secondary containment.

Chemical companies are now claiming that first responders are always trained:

  1. That it is always imperative to check the internal pressure of the tank car prior to deploying the C-Kit.
  2. On the equipment necessary to conduct a pressure test on the car.
  3. How to conduct a pressure test on the car and what to look for.
  4. How to distinguish between a properly relieving pressure relief device (PRO) and an improperly relieving pressure relief device.
  5. Are warned that capping and disabling the PRO could cause the catastrophic failure of the car.
  6. If the PRO is capped and disabled, regular monitoring of the car's internal pressure must be established.

There are more than 5,000 Chlorine Institute Emergency "C" Kits in the hands of first responders.

Tens of thousands of first responders rely on the instructions contained within The Chlorine Institute Emergency Kit "C" Instruction Booklet for Chlorine Tank Cars and Tank Trucks. The instruction booklet fails to address any of the above claims and provides no such information.

The C-Kit concept requires proper training often of thousands of first responders. The secondary containment concept requires no first response or training.

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