Michigan Association of Fire Fighters


“I would say the paid Holidays were the best part of the contract. We got all the Holidays the rest of the Township got,” said Tim Armstrong, Sumpter Township Paid-on-Call Firefighters Local Union President. “Holidays were just double time and now it’s 2.5 times our hourly pay. The pay raise is good too. The new bonus language benefits working the duty crew by being in Good Standing. If you did your two trainings and 10 runs a month, then you can sign up for duty crew. Instead of full time, duty crew works midnight to 6 a.m. I know at the end of the second quarter we’re supposed to revisit the Good Standing and quarterly bonuses to see how it’s working out. It is open for negotiation at that point — both sides agreed to it. We can re-adjust if we have to at the end of the second quarter.”

Wage Increases:
.50 cents per hour wage adjustment plus 5% increase effective July 1, 2023.
5% increase effective July 1, 2024.
2% increase effective July 1, 2025.
2% increase effective July 1, 2026.

Fringe Benefits: Added 3 paid Holidays — President’s Day, Columbus Day and Veterans Day — for a total of 15 paid Holidays. The Employer increased the Holiday pay rate from 2 times the Employees’ normal hourly pay to 2.5 times their normal hourly pay.

Manning & Safety: The Union Steward receives one hour with pay to meet with new Employees and provide them a Union Welcome Packet. Added “Good-Standing” definition with “Pay for Performance” to the quarterly bonuses section of the contract. The revised language provides specified monthly training and call response requirements Firefighters must meet to receive bonus points and be scheduled to work regular duty crew shifts.

Bargaining Team: MAFF Business Agent Jim Steffes with Local Union President Tim Armstrong, Vice President Dave Behrendt, Treasurer Shauna McCall and Secretary Jamie Kurshlin.