“I think the paid Holidays were big and so was the fact that we formed a policy committee,” said MAFF Labor Relations Specialist Jim Steffes. “We have in the contract they’ll have a committee to discuss, revise and review department policies. Now they have some say in what’s going on and what changes are being made. Employees never had Holiday Pay. Now they have eight Holidays paid at time and one-half. They weren’t getting anything extra for working holidays. You’re asking a guy to leave this family on Christmas morning to go to a house fire or accident. You can at least give him a time and half wage for doing it. That was a big issue for them. We weren’t sure it was going to fly by the Township … but the Rep. from the Employer side was able to sell it to the Township Board. I have to give some credit to the other side. They went and argued it well and got the Board to approve it.”

Contract Duration: 3-year agreement ratified Dec. 14, 2021 and effective 1-1-22 to 12-31-24.

Wage Increases:
2.5% increase effective Jan. 1, 2022.
2.5% increase effective Jan. 1, 2023.
2.5% increase effective Jan. 1, 2024.

Manning & Safety: Employees receive a Run Bonus paid annually in November based on their level of response as follows:
Responding to 35-39% of calls = $250 bonus
Responding to 40-49% of calls = $325 bonus
Responding to 50% or more calls = $450 bonus

Fringe Benefits: Employees receive 8 Holidays per year paid at time and a half if they are called in to work. Previously, Employees were only paid their straight wage for working Holidays.

Bargaining Team: MAFF Labor Relations Specialist Jim Steffes, Local Union President Chad Watson, and Stewards John Grigg and Mick Helman.