While Michigan Association of Fire Fighters (MAFF) offers many services which improve their members’ employment situation, they also offer special member perks, providing valuable services at discount prices.

MAFF is able to offer members group rates on many services they utilize including:

  • Discounted automotive and homeowners insurance.
  • Free pre-retirement professional financial planning through Raider Dennis Agency.
  • Discounted life and disability insurance and other products.
  • Save up to 17% off select Apple products and third-party products through the Apple Government Member Purchase Program. Free standard shipping on orders of more than $50, free laser engraving on any iPod, exclusive promotions and online custom product configuration are also available.

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MAFF Representatives believe there is more to a union than just negotiating wages and benefit improvements. Equally important is the protection of members’ rights and their jobs.

Today public safety workers face many threats to their employment from municipalities looking for ways to cut costs. Protecting union jobs from privatization and downsizing measures is just one of the ways MAFF is watching out for its membership.

MAFF also steps in when members are accused of wrongdoing on the job. Public safety workers know these accusations can quickly result in criminal charges. MAFF offers legal services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. MAFF attorneys can assist with Garrity statements when it matters the most. And there is no additional cost to members for this invaluable service.

When it comes to choosing Union representation, fire fighters and EMS workers can regain control of their work environment through Michigan Association of Fire Fighters (MAFF).

MAFF provides its members with the service and support they need to focus on their jobs.

Union represented employees should never experience fear of retaliation from their own Union. Verbal and written threats from an organization hired to represent you is simply unacceptable. And Union leaders should not sign contracts without a vote of the membership.

MAFF promises to provide members with the following rights:
• Members will vote on their local stewards and board members.
• Each unit automatically selects a representative to sit on the MAFF Executive Board.
• Only members will be allowed to vote on and ratify their contract.
• Members will not be threatened by Union attorneys with a lawsuit for speaking out at Union meetings.
• They will have bylaws developed by and voted on by the membership.

MAFF also guarantees it will provide members with:
• Attorneys 24/7 at no additional cost, to assist members with Garrity statements.
• Grievance and negotiations training for local stewards.
• Experts who will inform members of their legal rights under FLMA and FLSA.


A program of information and media relations

A complete union communications program has two primary facets:

1. To keep the entire membership as informed as possible about important developments and events; and;
2. To convey to the public and to state and national lawmakers the positions and opinions of the organization on all issues which affect it and its members.

istockphoto 3127471 togetherness

Internal communications enhance teamwork, help stimulate ideas and provide the vehicles by which ideas are shared and refined. Media relations give members a cumulative voice in speaking to the thousands of persons whose tax money pays public servants. They also augment the efforts of both legislative liaisons and the union leadership in bringing organizational influence to bear.

A top flight staff of attorneys

Expert, specialized legal representation is an essential service element for any public safety professional union in the modern era. A complex body of laws and regulations governs the relationship between workers and their employers. Many of these are established to protect the rights of the employees. Importantly, the protection afforded by law and regulation is only as effective as a union's legal talent makes it.

istockphoto 1967493 researchingThe following firms perform MAFF's labor legal work:

Farrell & Associates P.C. M. Catherine Farrell is the principal in Farrell & Associates P.C., a law firm specializing in Labor and Employment Law.

Ms. Farrell was managing partner of Hoekenga & Farrell P.C., and was a senior partner and former managing partner of the law firm of Levin, Levin, Garvett & Dill P.C. which specialized in labor and employment law and transactional matters.

Ms. Farrell is also an active arbitrator. She serves as a member of both the commercial arbitration panel and employment law arbitration panel for the American Arbitration Association in the Detroit Region. Ms. Farrell holds a B.A. from American University, a M.S. from the State University of New York at New Paltz and a J.D. from St. Louis University.

The unique relationship between the Michigan Association of Fire Fighters and these highly skilled legal professionals is as important to the union's members as the firm's talent base. Over the years, the attorneys have teamed with MAFF's labor relations' specialists in literally hundreds of cases of all kinds providing representation that is unsurpassed by any other union.