What a Fire Fighters' Union Must Provide Members in Today's World

The facts are clear: today's world is characterized by insecure employment. Fire Fighters need the highest possible level of job protection. Their union must provide total representation. It must be armed with complete service capacity and a dedicated staff of highly qualified professionals who deliver these services to the membership in a timely and coordinated manner:

All members must be assured:

  • Maximum appropriate pay for the work they perform.
  • The best possible employment benefits, including pension and medical insurance.
  • Protection of all employees' rights, including the highest standards for working conditions, as established by law.
  • Top-quality labor legal expertise.
  • Direct availability of professional assistance in matters of financial, insurance and retirement planning.
  • Political clout: the strongest possible collective voice in communicating needs, opinions and positions to lawmakers.
  • A communications program which keeps everyone in the organization fully informed, which serves as an interconnection between the membership and the organizational leadership and which informs the public about the organization's position on major issues.
  • A leadership structure which represents the membership's interest and goals in the creation and implementation of the organization's operating policies.

Total representation means delivering full service:

  • The Michigan Association of Fire Fighters is, in every sense of the term, a full service public safety union.


The Labor Relations Staff


Unequaled experience, expertise, achievement


MAFF's team of labor relations' professionals is acknowledged as number one in experience and proven expertise in the State of Michigan.  It has earned this recognition by achieving an unequaled record of success in all phases of union representation.

The staff's wealth of experience in public safety labor relations has been built through many years of performing highly specialized work.  Its expertise is a product of total familiarity with every phase of a complex field of knowledge.  The esteem in which it is held by other professionals reflects unsurpassed respect throughout Michigan's labor relation's community.

Most of all, the excellence of MAFF’s labor relations staff has been established by its unparalleled record of achievement.  This is what ultimately pays superior dividends to members.