“The biggest thing in the contract is we’ve got a section talking about negotiating for full-time. To be able to negotiate and create some full-time positions for the department would obviously be huge for the department. We were not able to staff 24/7 because of the retention crisis so we had to bring in auxiliary,” said Lt. Brad Rennells, Northfield Township Fire Fighters local union Vice President. “I’m happy we did make it easier for an Officer to get a bonus. You had to make 30 percent of runs to get a bonus. They weren’t rewarding you for your extra duties. If you have a full-time job and a family, 30 percent can be difficult at times, especially when you only need 20 percent to keep your job. We got (the Chief) to agree to a tiered system. As long as you make the department minimum of 20 percent of the runs, you can get a bonus.”

“There was discussion back and forth trying to reach agreeable language that dealt with union security,” said MAFF Labor Relations Specialist Joe O’Connor. “The Chief is looking at hiring some people full time. If the Chief wants full-time Fire Fighters, we’ll have to negotiate their wages, hours, and terms of employment. We agreed to meet with the Employer and try to negotiate full-time positions.”

Contract Duration: 3-year agreement, ratified August 2018, and effective 7-1-18 to 6-30-21.

Wage Increases:
POC - $20.50 effective July 1, 2018, $21 effective July 1, 2019.
Duty - $15.50 effective July 1, 2018, $16 effective July 1, 2019.
Training - $13 effective July 1, 2018, $13.50 effective July 1, 2019.
Probationary II - $13 effective July 1, 2018, $13.50 effective July 1, 2019.
Probationary I - $10 effective July 1, 2018, $10.50 effective July 1, 2019.
Wage Reopeners for all Employees July 1, 2020.

Fringe Benefits:
• Bonuses: Officers can receive bonuses with a minimum 20% run response and bonuses are also rewarded based on extra duties performed. Previously, all POC staff were required to have a minimum 30% run response to be eligible for bonuses.
• Holiday Pay: Easter Holiday was traded for President’s Day and pay is based on a 24-hour period instead of a shift.
• Staffing: The Union and Employer agreed to negotiate the wages, hours and other terms of employment if the Township decides to hire full-time Fire Fighters.

Bargaining Team: MAFF Labor Relations Specialist Joe O’Connor, Lt. Scott Conklin, Lt. Brad Rennells and Lt. Charles Smith.