About MAFF

By Fred Timpner, MAFF Executive Director

The anti-union sentiment spreading across this nation seemed to take hold in the U.S. Supreme Court, which fred1recently ruled workers can decide if they want to pay dues in a unionized workforce in the Janus vs. AFSCME case. Yet “free riders” enjoy better working conditions, hours, wages and benefits thanks to the same union they refuse to support.

Unions exist to protect employees’ rights to fair working conditions, reasonable hours and wages. When MAP, MAPE and MAFF members band together to advance their concerns with Employers through collective bargaining, positive changes occur. In fact, unions have been so successful at the bargaining table that some Employers are working hard to weaken them.

The “right-to-work” campaign focused on individuals rights to choose whether to pay dues. When it was implemented in Michigan, proponents wanted workers to believe they were benefitting by having a few extra dollars in their pockets. But free riders not only cost the union money, they cost themselves money in the long run. When you refuse to support the union representing you and your co-workers, it takes away needed funds to protect worker rights, benefits, and jobs.

A headquarters building designed for efficiency

The location and the resource structure of a union's central office combine to have a direct and profound impact upon the organization's ability to serve its membership.

The headquarters should be centrally situated in order for labor relations' professionals to have rapid access to all members. It should be in the closest possible proximity to the offices of the union's other service providers, such as its legal specialists. It should have the capacity to host large and small-group meetings, to house the modern hardware that is essential to sophisticated business operation and to provide the kinds of functional accessories that create a setting of which all members can be proud.

MAFF's central office is located near a network of expressways interconnecting Michigan's cities. The labor relations' staff thus is within swift driving range of points throughout the state. The office is literally across the hall from the Coalition of Public Safety (COPS) Health Trust, the organization's affordable health care plan which has been negotiated into several contracts. It boasts comfortable meeting and conference facilities and contains all of the state-of-the-art machinery, including a complete internet presence that is necessary to a modern union operation. And, just as important, it is kept working at peak efficiency by a highly qualified support staff that includes a research assistant.

Efficiency is both the objective and the result of the headquarters office design - the kind of efficiency that makes certain all members' needs receive immediate and full attention.

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